erpSOURCING LLC - Who are we ?

first (fûrst) n.

  1. 1.The one coming, occurring, or ranking before or above all others.

  2. 2.The beginning; the outset.

  3. 3.Ranking above all others, as in importance or quality; foremost.

erpSOURCING is the Independent Specialist in Oracle EnterpriseOne Technologies.  Created by Jonathan Steel - the expert in EnterpriseOne CNC Methodology, Upgrades and Implementations.  We specialize in :

  1. Upgrades

  2. Architecture

  3. Project Management of Migrations

  4. AS/400 to SQL Server or Oracle Database Migration

  5. SQL Server to AS/400 or Oracle Database Migration

  6. Oracle Database to SQL Server or AS/400 Migration

  7. Performance Analysis - Application, Network and Database Storage

  8. Benchmarking and testing

  9. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and iSeries DB2 Database Administrators

  10. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Unix Sysadmins

  11. Linux and FreeBSD Specialists

  12. Citrix Enterprise Specialists

  13. Enterprise Storage, Parallel Server and System Technical Architects


1781 Bayside Boulevard

Jacksonville, Florida

32259, USA

(904) 382 5701 Main number

(904) 287 0021 Administration

1 (800) 861 6109 Facsimile Main Email Main Website


Welcome to erpSOURCING